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A: is the root of your problem. Try: Remove from the xml file. or Rename the file .xml Where is whatever you want to name the file. Scunthorpe United manager Kevin Nolan has hinted at the club making ‘enhancements’ to the squad ahead of the new season. The ex-Wigan and Blackpool manager came to North Lincolnshire on Tuesday morning to hold his first press conference since replacing Kevin Moore at the helm of United. His first point of reference was how pre-season had gone, he said: ‘We had a good pre-season, but I don’t think you can have had a good pre-season when you have lost your skipper to League 1, got relegated and promoted and then gone the other way. Scunthorpe United manager Kevin Nolan (left) has hinted at ‘enhancements’ being made to the squad (right) ‘I can’t pretend we have had a great pre-season with a lot of people missing. We didn’t have Charlie Wyke and Richie Smallwood injured, but we have had injuries in the squad and that’s what happens when you lose a key part of your squad. ‘You have got to put a bit of balance into the system, and so I have asked, is there any time to make some enhancements to the squad in order to get better results? I think we will.’ Nolan said the outcome of the season would be determined by ‘improvements we make in terms of quality’. That could include buying a striker who would’set up’ the team, he said, though he added he had not had the budget for that. Scunthorpe United are keen to add flair to their side, although Nolan also used the press conference to discuss other areas of United’s game, including changing tactical ideas. Nolan is keen to bring in different players to bring a different kind of style to the team On Tuesday morning he said: ‘One of the things I asked when I took over was what are the pressing challenges we have got? What are the improvements we have to make? ‘When you look at the fact we are in League One – as I understand it, some other clubs would love to have you in the Championship


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