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Category:Accounting software
Category:1994 softwareSEOUL (Reuters) – Senior figures at Foxconn 2317.TW, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer which assembles Apple’s (AAPL.O) iPhone, have said they want to move toward a so-called Just-in-Time (JIT) production system to improve the mass-production of devices in the way that Apple does.

The Foxconn plant in Beijing, China, is seen in this undated handout photo. Foxconn at Beijing Industrial Park (PIB) is one of the world’s largest electronic display panels and electronic screen, In-display camera, camera lens and vehicle electronics assemblers. Foxconn’s total revenue in 2018 is expected to reach 27.2 trillion yuan ($4.25 trillion)./Photo via REUTERS/Handout

The company’s chairman, Terry Gou, is expected to be the keynote speaker at the China Electronics Show in Shenzhen on Tuesday, where he is likely to emphasize the need for the industry to move away from a focus on mass-producing high-end devices toward cost control and greater automation.

“Foxconn has a production system which is closer to Apple’s,” Jui-Hung Chieh, an analyst at Guangdong Sun Investment, told Reuters. “Manufacturers are moving toward JIT, which is to transform factories. JIT systems in manufacturing will become a big trend.”

A JIT production system keeps costs low by stockpiling components in a factory, producing as customers demand, and cutting out the middleman in the process.

Big Chinese firms have invested heavily in building factories to automate this process, with plans to build over a million battery factories by the end of 2020 to cut costs.

Gou, who on Tuesday will take the stage at the Shenzhen event, has previously called for Foxconn to move away from its traditional focus on developing high-end devices like Apple’s iPhones and iPads toward greater automation

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How to avoid duplicate columns with different data types

I am attempting to merge two tables with a common key, and having a hard time because I have to account for the difference between the data types of the column. Both tables have a Amount column as well as a date.
If I have a table containing transaction details (one with two columns, ID and Amount, a second with only ID) then I don’t have a problem.
But I want to be able to combine them, and have them show up as one row.
One solution I found is to make a third table which contains the combined columns (I am using SQL Server 2008). But I am attempting to avoid this as a solution, as the amount of information in the combined table will be huge.
Here is my current query:
SELECT Table1.*, Table2.*
FROM Table1
LEFT OUTER JOIN Table2 ON Table1.ID = Table2.ID

I am attempting to avoid using a CASE statement to combine the columns, as the user does not need to see the data type, only the fact that it’s data, not null or not empty.


Try this –
SELECT a.Name, a.Amount, b.Amount
FROM Table1 a

You can look this article for more about OUTER JOIN.


Accessing text of TextView in a ListView

I am trying to get the text of a TextView inside a ListView. The problem is, in my activity, ListView has custom layout and I have made a list_item.xml which is the layout of the view I want to grab the text. Currently, if my ListView has a layout of (main_layout.xml)


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