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Laptops are now fitted with powerful hardware components and are preferred by many because of the possibility to use on the go. Sure enough everything running on it takes up a bit of battery power, but you can use specialized applications like PowerChanger to quickly switch to a different power plan and squeeze a little more energy to finish your projects.
A little rough around the edges
On the one hand, the application saves you all the effort of going through a setup process, which means it can be stored along with an entire collection of system tools on a thumb drive to always have at hand. You just need to make sure that the computer you want to use it on is fitted with .NET Framework.
From start to end, the application only takes a few seconds of your time. This is because selecting the power plan of interest and applying it makes the application close. A neat tweak is to have a hotkey assigned to the program’s shortcut from the Properties panel to always launch it at the press of a button without having to explore different directories.
Difficult to read power schemes
The main window shows up in a compact form, which can make it rather difficult to identify power schemes, especially if they’re fitted with long names. What’s more, compatibility issues might prevent it from properly reading names, which makes it close to impossible to tell which is which from the placeholder code entries used instead.
Power schemes are applied on the spot so you don’t need to restart your system. Unfortunately, you can get a preview of power schemes, and changing them needs to be done through other means. It would have also been useful to at least see a quick access link to the Windows power schemes management panel.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that PowerChanger is a little underprepared for what it wants to deliver. The visual design is rather poor, with limited view space, while power scheme identification doesn’t always work as planned.


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PowerChanger Crack+ With Key Download [Latest-2022]

PowerChanger is an application that lets you change between Power Management options on Windows based machines.

Among all the available Power Management options on Windows, PowerChanger let you switch between AC and Battery Power Management.

Select Your Option

AC Power

Battery Power


What is the PowerChanger?

The PowerChanger is an application that let you switch between the Power Management options on Windows based machines.

What does the name PowerChanger mean?

PowerChanger is an acronym for Power Management Changer.

Is there an SDK provided with the PowerChanger?

No, the PowerChanger supports only one OS, Windows.

Where can I get the PowerChanger?

The PowerChanger is a freeware software distributed as a portable application.

What versions of PowerChanger are there?

The PowerChanger is supported by all the Windows OS versions.

Is the PowerChanger compatible with all the Windows versions?

Yes, the PowerChanger is a software that works with all the Windows versions like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 SE, Windows XP, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Home, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows 7, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

PowerChanger is a freeware app with “unlimited usage”.

What are the supported OS?

PowerChanger is supported on all the latest versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

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Is PowerChanger Free?

Yes, PowerChanger is a freeware app with “unlimited usage”.

What’s the price?

There are two editions of PowerChanger – the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition.

The PowerChanger Standard Edition is available for free download.

What’s the difference between the PowerChanger Standard Edition and the PowerChanger Premium Edition?

PowerChanger Standard Edition does not include some features of the PowerChanger Premium Edition like sharing your power management settings with your friends.

What’s the price?

There are two editions of PowerChanger – the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition

PowerChanger Crack+ X64

A simple application that lets you change the power plan of Windows.
Does not:
– switch the active power plan
– program code for power management
– simulate the user through a high resolution grid
– create a shortcut to it
– save its state

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PowerChanger [2022-Latest]

PowerChanger – Smart Power Saving for.NET Developers

PowerChanger opens a whole new way of saving your system’s power

PowerChanger is a small yet useful application that runs on your PC and allows you to easily change the Windows power plan settings. Although you don’t have to make any modifications in order to save power, you can choose one of the following three power plans: Balanced, High performance or Ultra performance. Do note that these settings are not limited to the graphics performance. They extend to all the components that you have on your PC.

Power saving is a simple and easy task

Unlike most of the other so-called power management programs, PowerChanger immediately displays the power plan settings of your PC and allows you to set it to the one that best suits your needs. By using the right settings, you’ll be able to identify all the components that consume the most power and you can shut down or hibernate any of them.

PowerChanger is quite a nifty application

PowerChanger is relatively easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of your time. Though it does come with a limited number of power schemes, you can always use your thumb drive to pack all the components of your PC that you need to keep. Apart from saving you a lot of time in the long run, you will also be able to build a more powerful PC with a small setup.

PowerChanger Application

The application runs quietly in the background and is not the type of program that generates a lot of system resources. You will be able to do some Windows upgrades, shut down your PC, hibernate it or simply choose the right power scheme that suits your needs.

The selection of power schemes

You can use the program to manage the power plan setting of your PC, which includes the viewing of all the settings of the components that can be disabled. PowerChanger is compatible with most Windows platforms, which includes Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

PowerChanger System Requirements

The main window of PowerChanger is generally dark, which makes it quite difficult to identify the power schemes, components and the words displayed on the buttons in front of you. The same holds true for the properties panel, which highlights that the application is designed for Windows 2000 to Windows 8. If you want to get the most out of the application, you must always keep your system and the program up-

What’s New In?

Free up your laptop’s battery by tuning the power plan to a customized setting to get the most from its battery life. The power plan controls the frequency at which the CPU and other components are put to sleep. Tweak the power plan and find the best settings for your laptop’s hardware to maximize battery life.

Display the current power plan selected in Windows. When you’re using the power plan to save battery life, it’s often helpful to know the current power plan you’re using. Display the power plan currently in use and use the context menu to change power plan settings.
Automatically switch to battery mode to increase battery life. When you turn on your laptop, you might not want to leave it running in your usual power plan, as your computer might burn more battery life running in this default setting. Instead, you can make PowerChanger automatically apply the battery mode to save battery power. It can also be turned off if you prefer your laptop to run in your usual power plan.
Save battery power for background activities. When your laptop is idle, you’re not using it for the intended purpose; it’s time to save power. You can save power for a specific period of time in your favorite power plan. Give your battery the time it needs to get back up to full capacity.
Automatically save battery power when your laptop is connected to a charger or unplugged from a battery. Your laptop will run on battery more often when it’s connected to a charger, since it can’t easily use power from its battery when the charger is connected. For example, your laptop will remain in battery mode when your computer is unplugged from a charger, and you can change the power plan to the battery plan when you’re ready to power off the charger.
Choose a power plan based on your environment. In order to save battery life, the frequency at which your computer runs at can vary according to the size of your screen. You can choose a power plan for your laptop’s screen settings. For example, your laptop can run at its full power when you’re at work and a lower frequency when you’re at home using the laptop in low power mode.
Save battery when you’re connected to a power outlet or battery. Your laptop will automatically power off if you connect it to a power outlet, but you can also save battery life when your laptop is connected to a

System Requirements For PowerChanger:

OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or higher
CPU: Dual core processor at least 1 GHz (1.5 GHz) or higher
RAM: 2 GB or higher
GPU: ATI Radeon R3xx or better and nVidia G80 or higher
Storage: 20 GB or higher
Hard Drive: 2 GB or higher
Keyboard: Windows 2000 or higher (note: Microsoft mouse is required)
Video Card: ATI Radeon R3xx or better and


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