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Is it possible to achieve consistent OAuth2 token lifetime for multiple Spring security user types

According to the Spring documentation, the expected token lifetimes for user credentials is different from that of roles and authorities:

For user credentials, the token lifetime is the duration of the current authenticated session. (If the authentication session is refreshed, a new token will be issued and the credentials will be refreshed.) For user roles and authorities, the token lifetime is the duration of the current request. This makes sense because roles and authorities are maintained per-request, but user credentials are maintained per-session.

The users are also granted different authorities. Therefore, it is expected that the lifetimes for the actual authorities granted to the users will be different. The token duration will be longer for the authorities granted to the users. This also makes sense because a user will be able to refresh the token for the given authorities after logging off. However, the documentation didn’t state if this token lifetime is the same for the multiple user types.
In my case, it is required that the token lifetime be consistent for all users because some of the roles need to be refreshed after the token expires (e.g. if the user’s token is refreshed after the user logs off then user will be granted new roles and he will need to be reauthenticated to let him access the resources.
Do anyone know if it is possible to configure this behaviour and, if it is possible, how?


I was able to achieve this in my case by creating an extension to the UserDetailsService that is supposed to fetch the authorities of the user.


Applying for graduate degree in the US while working for another university?

I have been working part time for the past 3 years for a non-profit and was hoping to get a fellowship that would make it possible for me to stay in the US full time and continue my work at the non-profit.
But the fellowship has not yet been approved and I’m now applying for a graduate program at the University of Arizona with the hope of getting a scholarship that would be my sole source of income during my graduate studies.
The problem is, my

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