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By using and generating UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams inside your organizations you can track the overall workflow of your production.
Considering that you have a business that uses invoices, orders, receipts or any other formal document that is important for your monthly accountancy, these diagrams help you a lot when used in a right way. Still, these UML diagrams can also be used in various domains including engineering, production, programming or development.
Specially intended for software analysts, programmers and QA engineers, MagicDraw UML generates code from the existing classes and correlations and helps users to build quality applications faster.
Speaking of object-oriented analysis, testing and deployment, MagicDraw UML is a complete software solution that provides you with support for UML2 meta-model, which is an EMF-based implementation of the UML, designed for data storage and the most known programming languages, here including .NET, C++, C# or Java.
However, because of the wide variety of UML apps presented on the marketing nowadays, MagicDraw UML stands out with its code engineering mechanism, as well as with database schema modelling and reverse engineering support.
Unlike other UML modelling software, the application makes it easy to deploy a Software Development Life Cycle environment (shortly known as SDLC), which is used to describe a process for planning, designing and testing an information system.
Also, because of the Teamwork component integrated within the utility, MagicDraw UML enables multiple developers to work simultaneously on the same model. This way, you can increase productivity and team collaboration.
What’s more, by using this app you have the possibility to create various Use Case and activity diagrams, check the overall business process model for correctness and completeness, retrieve specifications of model elements in a tabular form or simply customize UML diagrams.
Moreover, with the help of MagicDraw UML you are able to apply particular style properties for existing diagram elements, define individual styles for stereotypes, create generalization trees or simply access all the UML meta-model classes.
All in all, MagicDraw UML enables you to create UML diagrams and produce comprehensive and detailed software documentations, go back and forth from one modelling domain to another and extend UML capabilities beyond the standard UML2 meta-model.


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Tidy UML diagramming for.NET. Develop and simulate your models
Easy and complete.NET modeling
Visualization of UML, and code generation for 4th generation languages
Built-in Teamwork, enabling multi-user, collaborative UML development
Dynamic Code Generation of UML and code diagrams
Extend UML beyond the standard meta model
Generate code and diagramming for most language environments
Simplified project planning and management
Programming experience in.NET
Faster development
Support for UML
Tidy UML diagramming

MagicDraw Standard offers a range of services including but not limited to:
– Business Process Modeling
– Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
– Quality Assurance (QA)
– Software Requirements Document (SRD)
– Software Development Process (SDP)
– Unified Modeling Language (UML)
– Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
– Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
– Change & Configuration Management (CCM)
– Context-Free Development (CFD)
The MagicDraw Standards Software Support is a powerful, easy-to-use tool, offered by MagicDraw Standard, to document your software development projects.
Benefits of using MagicDraw Standards include:
– Consistent documentation of your project
– Stored information can be retrieved later, without you having to re-enter the documentation
– All project records are accessible by anyone working on the same project
– Easy tracking of changes and revisions to documents
– A source of record for your company’s change history
– Flexible tagging allows documents to be organized by topic, developer or milestone
– Allows you to share documents with anyone working on your project
– Automatically audited by MagicDraw Standards, so that any errors can be quickly located and resolved
– Provides access to the latest version of your documentation via URL, FTP, WebDav, or Email
– Allows you to send documentation to the cloud for storage
– PDF documents are automatically compressed for easier transmission and storage
– Available on-site, online, and for your mobile device (iPhone, iPad and other devices)
– All project records can be stored in the Cloud or downloaded for offline viewing
– Completely Free
– MagicDraw Standards is offered by MagicDraw Standard with an introductory offering. All services after the introductory offer are free of charge.
For further information, please contact

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MagicDraw UML With Key

MagicDraw UML is an advanced modelling and documentation tool for UML-based systems, which makes it possible to create and edit UML diagrams, therefore offering you with a great deal of productivity when it comes to software development, while also creating clean and organised records for your company.
Indeed, while MagicDraw UML is a feature-packed software application, it is definitely not limited in its power of the features either.
Because of the overall package of this tool, you are able to create several kind of diagrams, models and documents. Thus, it helps you to find the best way to represent various objects like classes, packages, web sites, roles and etc. at the same time.
This software also allows you to look at the overall object structure, hierarchy of the class diagram, the layered-diagram-like behavior of the relationships among the classes and relationships, and the overall flow of the system, in a single place.
But MagicDraw UML, as a tool to be used during the software testing process, has more than that. This application will make it possible to find different errors inside your software objects, relationships, processes or even the entire system.
Regarding the UML-based systems, MagicDraw UML will also help you with its enhanced programming environment, where you can use real-world examples and information to help you with designing, testing and deployment of your project.
Also, as a mobile app for the Android, iOS and Windows device, MagicDraw UML will help you with its coding assistance to quickly create a software architecture diagram or a sequence diagram for your code development system.
What’s more, MagicDraw UML is also a fully integrated application for UML diagrams and model, where you will be able to extract all the diagrams and export them into the various formats supported.
MagicDraw UML is a brilliant productivity tool, which will make you able to represent different models and their parts in a much easier way, also, whenever you have to make an effort to represent something using a UML diagram for your company.

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What’s New In?

Allows UML diagrams to be generated automatically from existing code files.
Allows very complex UML diagrams to be generated with ease, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of detail.
Allows you to manipulate UML diagrams and view them in different ways.
With the ability to manage multiple models and to collaborate with multiple people, MagicDraw UML is a tool that can be used to quickly create application diagrams.
What’s new in v12.3.0:
New customer support
New options to show up/down in reports
Existing customers will get the latest update automatically.
The application can be downloaded for a one-time fee of $59.99 from the developer’s web site.

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Spike is an open source AFRM source code editor. It can open most of the AFRM databases, and can be used to download AFRM databases. It can also analyse your AFRM databases to see if there are any errors, find out where errors may be, and most importantly, it can tell you which sample code from the AFRM users community it best matches. You can also use Spike to view, create, and edit your AFRM databases to look like most of your database systems. Read more about our AFRM database developer on the AFRM developer’s page.

Spike is an open source AFRM source code editor. It can open most of the AFRM databases, and can be used to download AFRM databases. It can also analyse your AFRM databases to see if there are any errors, find out where errors may be, and most importantly, it can tell you which sample code from the AFRM users community it best matches. You can also use Spike to view, create, and edit your AFRM databases to look like most of your database systems. Read more about our AFRM database developer on the AFRM developer’s page.

Slackware is an unofficial Slackware Linux distribution. It is free of charge (as in freedom) and has been downloaded in excess of 100 million times since its release by Peter Vlachos and company in February 1997. Slackware Linux has the open source GNU/Linux operating system as its heart, along with the X Window System and a number of other

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 (3.10GHz)
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 770 (4GB)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40GB available space
Additional Notes: Shader Model 5.0 (Intel) and Pixel Shader 3.0 (OpenGL) are required. On Windows 8/8.1, OpenGL 4.2 is required.

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