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Cool Chat Crack + (Updated 2022)

Cool Chat Torrent Download is a program that allows you to chat with a friends IP#, other friends or the Internet by typing their IP# into the chat window. Once you’ve typed their IP# into the chat window you can type your message or click send as a guest so that they can see your message. Your message will be sent to the person you type into the chat window.

* Chatting with someone else is fun and easy.
* Has a quick Send Email feature to email your friends.
* Open with any port and nickname on any server.
* It pastes your IP# into the message field so that you can let your guest know where you are if they have a dynamic IP#.
* This is a free version with a basic feature set. If you like the program please buy a version that lets you use html chat messages.

* Cool Chat Documentation

What’s New:
* New features:
1) Added Port Scanning to help people scan for free ports and put them back when done.
2) Added Control Panel for the Traffic Light indicator that helps define it’s colors.
3) Added html chat.
* Bug fix:
1) Fixed an old bug in the destination filename for the message.

* This product is freeware, it is not supported or recommended to use it for hacking. It’s not harmful in any way. It’s purpose is only to be fun and help friends. If you get any problems please report them.

Cool Chat 3.3.4 Change Log:

03/01/2016: Fixed several bugs.

03/01/2016: Updated Html Chat so you can use links with it.

03/01/2016: Added port scanning so you can put free ports back after scanning.

03/01/2016: Fixed a bug to scan for the free ports in the IP column.

03/01/2016: Fixed a bug to search for temporary or alias file/folder names.

03/01/2016: Fixed a bug to fix the new flash thumbnail sizes for the web client.

03/01/2016: Fixed a bug in the HTML Chat Settings.

03/01/2016: Updated the html chat button to the new version on Chrome.

03/01/2016: Fixed a bug where it would not paste the IP# correctly.


Cool Chat Crack+ For Windows [2022-Latest]

Cool Chat Product Key is a small tool that allows one on one chat with someone on a network or on the Internet by their IP#. Either side can be the Host (Server) or Guest (Client).
It pastes your IP# into the message field so that you can let your guest know where you are if they have a dynamic IP#. It also has a Check Email feature to let you quickly check if you have email on any pop3 server. You can choose any port to connect on and choose any Nickname. The program also has a very cool traffic light that blinks or changes colors depending on your connection status. You can also customize the colors to the program.
Customization Options:

• Color Color ( Color )
The color represents the activity of your connection.You can setup any color to represent your connection. 

• Nickname ( Nickname )
You can setup a nickname to identify yourself. 

• Port Number ( Port Number )
You can setup a port for your connection on the computer. 

• Email Notification ( Email Notification )
You can setup how often you want to be notified of new emails by using this feature. 

• No Email Notification ( No Email Notification )
You can select if you want to be notified if there is email. 

• Email Timeout ( Email Timeout )
You can set the amount of time your email notification option takes. 

• Online / Offline ( Online / Offline )
 You can set the state of your connection.This is a drop down menu that can have a selection of ” Online “, ” Offline “, ” Online Deleted “, or ” Offline Deleted “.

• Active / Inactive ( Active / Inactive )
If you check this box it will set the state to ” Inactive “.

• Email Type ( Email Type )
 You can set the type of email server that you want to connect to.

• Server Host ( Server Host )
 You can set the host or server you want to connect to.

• Server Port ( Server Port )
 You can set the port you want to connect to.

• Password ( Password )
 You can enter your password for access. 

• HTTP Proxy ( HTTP Proxy )
 You can use an alternate proxy for web pages. 

• FTP Proxy ( FTP Proxy

Cool Chat Crack+ Download [Mac/Win]

Cool Chat is a cool small tool that allows you to have a one on one chat with someone on a network or the Internet by their IP#. Either side can be the host or guest with a click of the button. Either host or guest can have their own message window. The message window allows the host to send a message to the guest or guest can send a message to the host. Once the host or guest sends their message the message is sent instantly. The guest can talk or text in plain text on your screen or they can choose any other text application or popup window. The guest can then click the Chat button to close the window and their conversation is now over. Either host or guest can change their image or shortcut image with a click of a button and show a new image in the chat window. The host or guest can also set any custom colors they want to the program. The host or guest can chose a custom port and chat away. 
Hi, my name is Rob. I’ve created Cool Chat because I could not find a convenient way to talk with someone on a computer network or Internet. I’m not sure that you want to contact this person or this person. I can not understand your reasons for wanting to talk to me.
First decide to host or guest on the next site by clicking on your host or guest image. You will then see this window:

It’s now your turn to host or guest. Just click on the Host or Guest button to display this window:

You can now see your options in the host or guest window:

The cool host or guest window:

Coding the cool host or guest window:

Show IP# is a bit annoying because I need to type it in. You can replace this feature by typing in the IP# manually. Just fill in your default port number. Click Chat to begin your chat. Enjoy using Cool Chat.
The funny part of this is this app is an updated version of a program that I did in VB before I even knew programming. The only difference is that now I have more features and added the ability to make it as small as the size of a stand alone app. So now it is easier than ever to make. I added the ability to change your colors with a color control. I tried to do this with a small popup but that is too small and it hid the name and port number from view and the colors didn’t work. 
You can download this cool free app for Windows Phone

What’s New In Cool Chat?

Cool Chat is a small, simple text-based chat client for one-on-one communication. It has two clients. One client is a server for other clients, and the other client is the client for the server. In this client-server relationship, the host is the’server’ and the client is the ‘client.’ The host is free, and the client is not.
I hope I’ve described all of the features fairly well. However if there are any more features you would like to see in the chat please email me at [email protected] and I’ll check if it’s possible.


It isn’t the best looking interface, but it does what it is meant to do.
It will identify the internet address and the IP of the person at the other end and send that out to the recipient. If the recipient has a dynamic IP address, it will auto update, and be notified if the IP address changes. You can also check if the recipient is online by pressing the on button, but this will not receive any responses if the person is not online.
You can test a basic version of the program by going to:

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System Requirements For Cool Chat:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5 4590 / AMD FX-6300 or better
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 5000, or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
CPU: Intel i7 6900K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Memory: 16

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