AutoPics Crack [Mac/Win] [2022]

AutoPics is a useful, free and great program for presentations, family photo albums, any situation where you need a quick, free slideshow with little to no setup.
At only 32k, it’s small enough to fit on a floppy, or email to a friend. Try burning it on a CD with photo’s of your family vacation. Then send it to a family member. It is very easy to use, just insert the CD, run the application and you can start enjoying an instant slide show containing all your precious moments. The possibilities are endless!
Allows you to display a slide show of images in a folder. You may set the interval at which images are shown. Intervals may vary from 1 – 10 seconds. You may also start and stop the rotation as needed. Images will scale to fit the size of the image box if you resize the application.
The sidebar that allows you to browse the the folder with images, set intervals, start and stop the show can be hidden so that the images can take be viewed full screen.


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AutoPics (Latest)

This is a free version of AutoPics Crack Free Download which can run in Windows from a floppy. You can insert a image folder in which you have saved your photos to show a slide show. Images in the folder can be selected for the slide show or an automatic slide show can be selected using the interval time. Images can be scrolled through by clicking on the images, or you can start/stop the show using the photo buttons on the bottom of the application window. Images are shown full screen when you first insert the folder. A scrolling sidebar can be displayed so that you can browse the folder with image names.

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AutoPics Crack Download [Win/Mac] [Updated]

A program that lets you turn your family pictures into a slide show (yes, you can do this with your digital camera too). You can include pictures from most digital cameras, floppy drives, CD’s, Zip and zip64 discs. You can also include pictures or music that you will find on your hard drive, network or Internet. With AutoPics you can easily create a slide show from any type of images, music, digital camera pictures or songs.
Tired of floppy disc after floppy disc? Unzip your digital camera pictures, replace your floppy discs with zip disks, or burn CD’s with pictures of your family and friends to a ZipDisk (EZ-Drive).
AutoPics Requirements:
– Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
– Processor: Pentium 90MHz or better
– Hard Drive Space: 2MB or more, used for AutoPics application to store images
– Memory: 128MB or more

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Hot Docs Unlimited – If you are looking for an affordable photo manager, this one may be just what you are looking for. For a product by a company called Hot Docs, I would expect a reasonably priced and easy to use program, with a lot of features. The product itself certainly delivers on that, and it adds to that by also offering a wonderful set of features not available elsewhere. The interface is fast and extremely easy to use, and without a doubt a new program that you are going to get use out of. The program makes it very easy to create, save and transfer your pictures and videos, and make all kinds of changes to them. Also makes it pretty easy to locate those pictures and videos you have in there, and with a great search function, that is no problem. Add to all that, the program is also offered for free, for all current and previous versions of Windows, so you don’t have to pay anything to try it out. The program does have it’s drawbacks though, some are major, and others more minor. The major

AutoPics Crack +

JimPicsS is a small and simple image processor. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms. It allows you to rotate pictures, fade in, fade out, resize and add text using HTML tags.
You may also crop your pictures to any size using the cropping tool. If your pictures are on Windows, you can do the batch conversion to a variety of files.
Images are displayed on the right side of the screen. A big image is selected by default, but you can change that. You can change the size of the image box from a minimum of 20 by 20 pixels to 320 pixels by 240 pixels. You can also change the default image size. This can be anywhere from 50 by 50 pixels to 400 by 300 pixels. You can have multiple images displayed simultaneously with the layout set to dual mode.

Custom graphic images.


2 variations: classic and “modern”.

Batch conversion from jpeg to other image formats.

Cropping and resizing images.

Editing text using HTML tags.

Object selection.

Fading images in and out with different speed and strength.


High resolution, up to 300 dpi.

HTML5 support.

Launching from the application icon.


Activate picture editing.

Activate selection of images.

Activate crop box.

Activate dialog box for image manipulation.

Apply image fade in and out.

Apply image fade to either red, green or blue.

Apply image fade with different strength.

Apply image fade to red, green or blue.

Apply image fade with different strength.

Apply text fade in and out.

Apply text fade to either red, green or blue.

Apply text fade with different strength.

Apply text fade to red, green or blue.

Apply text fade with different strength.

Change default image size.

Change image size from a minimum of 20 by 20 pixels to a maximum of 400 by 300 pixels.

Change crop box size from a minimum of 100 by 100 pixels to a maximum of 400 by 300 pixels.

Choose the default image size.

Click the picture in the left pane to display.

Click the picture in the right pane to display.

Choose the file from which images will be

What’s New In?

AutoPics is a stand-alone slideshow application. The installer will install everything you need to display your pictures without requiring an Internet connection. Simply insert the CD containing your pictures and launch the application. Then select a folder containing your pictures and a display area where you want to place the images. Enter any starting and stopping interval and AutoPics will start a slideshow of images from the folder.

AutoPics is the number one software tool for slide shows.
AutoPics is an easy to use, user friendly tool to show photos and slideshows on your home PC. It’s free and so is the 30-day trial version.
The program is open, you can modify and add new features yourself, and there is a large list of users who are also willing to help you.
AutoPics is the software for you if you want to burn CDs, display photos and slide shows on your PC, and if you want to share and send your slideshow through Email.
The installation CD is a standard Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 CD-ROM and so installation is easy.
AutoPics supports displaying photos in 3 sizes: (1) normal photo size, (2) small size, (3) large size.
AutoPics allows you to choose a number of pages per show and a background color. You can even change the background of the program’s window while slide shows are running.
Although a simple slideshow application, AutoPics offers many options:
– You can set time intervals between photos (i.e. 5,10,20,30,60,120 seconds);
– You can use multiple slideshow windows;
– You can set the start and stop time of the slideshow;
– You can add transitions.
– Slideshows with changing background colors
– Slideshows with start/stop and pause times
– Built-in HTML captions
– Allows you to display photos in 3 different sizes
– Burning on CD to create interactive photo books
– Build your own transition
– Ability to save and load personal settings
– Ability to install the whole application on 2 hard disk

AutoPics is the software to create professional CD Slideshow presentations. It’s easy to use and a lot of fun.
AutoPics is a program that lets you create and prepare slide shows for presentation, sending as email or attaching as a file on a CD.
AutoPics allows you

System Requirements For AutoPics:

All characters are required to be at level 60.
All characters must be over 100 strength.
All characters must be at or above level 95 in Justice Points.
Able to accept the “Add Character” feature.
Location Type: Open World
System Version: 1.1
Updates Provided: Patch 1.1 and Patch 1.2
Max Characters: 256
How to Install:
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