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The current version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2020, and it has been in active development since 2002.

Notable Features

AutoCAD is the first CAD program to support 3D and 2D drawings. AutoCAD can draw 2D drawings by converting them into a three-dimensional (3D) “sketch”. AutoCAD does not require a 3D scene for every 2D drawing. A “sketch” is a wireframe representation of a 3D drawing. AutoCAD 2013 introduced “sketch surfaces”. Sketch surfaces contain geometric features that can be placed onto a 3D sketch. Sketch surfaces can also be used to create symbols that can be imported and saved. AutoCAD can also convert from 2D and 3D drawings into CAD drawings, including DXF files, dwg files, or png files, for further editing. AutoCAD is the only commercial CAD program that supports DWG format drawings, which are widely used in the publishing and printing industries. DWG stands for “Drawing Interchange Format”. AutoCAD can also import and export CAD drawings. AutoCAD can export a 2D or 3D drawing to a DXF file or to a DWG file. The DXF file can be used as a source file for a DXF-to-DWG conversion tool. The DWG file can be used with a CAD program that supports DWG drawings. The AutoCAD DWG support, for example, has been incorporated into other AutoCAD modules, such as drafting and engineering. AutoCAD also exports graphic files in the following formats: SVG, PNG, and JPG. The SVG, PNG, and JPG files can be used in web pages, without the need for a web browser.

AutoCAD supports different ways of creating work instructions (sometimes called a “plans”). Each work instruction is described by a table, which records the steps and their respective order. This way of creating work instructions is sometimes called a “step-by-step” process. Each step is usually associated with a “substep”. Substeps can be designed using drawing tools or any other design tools. A work instruction can be saved as a text file, an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF file, or as a database. Work instructions can also be edited and reordered using a drawing editor. When a work instruction is edited, AutoCAD makes a number of changes: it adds or modifies steps

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COM automation
AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack and AutoCAD Crack For Windows LT are available on Microsoft Windows and Linux as a Component Object Model (COM) automation component. This is a way of creating and running AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT applications, without using AutoLISP or Visual LISP, or any other AutoCAD-specific scripting. The COM automation code can run on any operating system that supports COM automation.

AutoCAD includes an AutoCAD C++ class library that can be used to program AutoCAD extensions and 3rd party applications. The C++ library is included in the AutoCAD installation, and allows the user to write their own extensions. The C++ class library uses.NET technology to create an assembly, which is a collection of code that can run on any OS that supports.NET. C++ is an ANSI/ISO standard programming language used for most of the major application development platforms. AutoCAD LT does not have a corresponding C++ class library. AutoCAD has also provided C++ interfaces to be used for programming AutoLISP and Visual LISP.

Mac OS
AutoCAD can be used on Macintosh computers. AutoCAD LT is not available for Mac OS. AutoCAD for OS X was discontinued in 2014, and AutoCAD LT for OS X is discontinued and no longer supported.

A Python-based programming language, called Python for AutoCAD, is available for use on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms, and has a long-standing history of use in the AutoCAD community. Python for AutoCAD is based on Python for AutoCAD Studio. Python-based AutoLISP and Visual LISP programming is also available for use on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

AutoLISP and Visual LISP programmers can also use the scripting language R to build macros that can be used in AutoCAD to control or perform other functions.

The Macintosh cross-platform programming environment ObjectARX is also based on a subset of the C++ language. ObjectARX includes a number of components for programming AutoCAD, including libraries for using AutoCAD database schemas, object models, commands and editors.

AutoCAD has a number of third party applications that have been built with Mac OS technologies, most notably Xcode.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a programming language called Python was designed for programming the graphical

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What’s New in the?

New functions in the drawing dialog box:

More flexible automation of the drawing process. When your custom AutoLISP application has finished, AutoCAD prompts you to save the drawing.

Attach AutoCADs drawing history and any associated layouts.

Drawing components now support geometric constraints, ensuring perfect interconnection between components.

Subtracting components from existing drawings can be done more efficiently and accurately.

You can now use the autogeom command to constrain drawing components to your design with grips.

Suppress the red line indicator while using the Line – Rectangle command.

You can now view the whiteboard tooltips from the status bar.

Acceleration on new operating systems and hardware:

Over time, AutoCAD has evolved to support all the latest operating systems and hardware. Now, for the first time, AutoCAD draws content to the display faster than other leading CAD programs.

Better, faster performance when you work in AutoCAD on a Windows 10 PC with an Intel Core i5-8500 CPU with an integrated Intel HD Graphics processor (Iris Pro 580).

With Windows 10 and AutoCAD 2020, you can connect your PC to a Microsoft Surface Hub display or the all-in-one PC, and create and edit drawings from any location.

Graphics improvements:

Benefit from faster rendering performance.

You can now easily edit the transparency or shading of strokes using the Opacity tool, and the Shading tool in Object tab > Property Manager.

New Materials panel improvements:

AutoCAD 2020 introduced a new concept called the Material Manager, with the goal of making materials easy to use in drawings. Now, the new Material Manager, which is based on the concept of material groups, has been extended to support all of AutoCAD’s most common materials:

Matte, Glossy, Translucent, Shadow, and Emit.

You can apply different materials to the same object, and assign materials to objects in your drawing.

Improved mesh modeling with standard and complex meshes.

Support for seamless surfaces.

Improved scaling of custom meshes.

Improved 3D support for drawings in your portfolio.

Drawing improvements:

Create and use new drawing templates and context-sensitive tools. New Microsoft Office 365 templates are available, as well as the ability

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with Shader Model 5.0, 1 GB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 10 GB available space
Additional Notes:
DirectX 9 and below are not supported.
Due to external dependencies, the game is not able to be

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