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AutoCAD is a powerful and comprehensive desktop CAD program that can be used by all levels of CAD operators, from beginners to advanced users. It was initially designed for use in the architectural and civil engineering industries and over the past 30 years has been broadly adopted by a diverse range of professional users.

This guide will take you through some of the basic concepts and capabilities of AutoCAD. Note that while AutoCAD is primarily used to create 2D drawings, 2D/3D drawings can be created using other CAD applications such as PLM software. This guide also only covers AutoCAD 2010 and later releases. If you’re using an older version of AutoCAD, please read the AutoCAD 2009 guide instead.

A Quick Tour

Let’s start with a basic overview of how to operate AutoCAD. There are four basic tools you can use to create 2D drawings:

Axes (X- and Y-axis), Pen, and Line

We’ll briefly go through how to use each of these tools to create a 2D drawing below.

AutoCAD is a vector-based CAD program and is designed to make creating and editing 2D drawings easy and intuitive. The user simply draws the object using a pen, enters dimensions, and connects parts to form a 2D drawing.

A 3D drawing is created using 3D objects, while 3D models can also be created using non-3D tools like 2D tools such as cross-hairs and 2D objects like circles. This guide will cover how to create 2D drawings only, so the 3D concepts are covered in the other guide.

Also, note that AutoCAD does not offer features such as annotations (notes), including drawings created by other users, or the ability to store drawings in a repository.

AutoCAD Tools

The primary AutoCAD tools you’ll be using are the following:

Axes: The X-axis (horizontal line) and Y-axis (vertical line) are located on the left side of the application window. The drawing area is located in the center of the screen. When the drawing area is active, the two axes are active.

Pens: When you draw a line, a pen appears to indicate the active stroke. The pen can be customized through toolbars, on the Tools toolbar, or in the Options dialog box. You can edit

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Reference Models

Elevation models are 3D representations of the surfaces of objects and its regions. These models are usually used to create a 3D render of an object or for other surface area calculations, such as surface area or volume.


A list is a database-like structure that lets you store items that have some characteristics in common. LISP lists are a simple, non-hierarchical type, with items stored in sequence.


A linkage is a way to connect objects (elements) to each other. They can be directed, undirected, or circular, and can have relationships and restrictions associated with them. They can be created by objects or by text commands.


LISP stands for “Lisp Interaction Scripting”. Lisp is a programming language invented in the 1950s. It has multiple forms, the most common being the “Lisp machine” and more recently the “Lisp Machine Lisp”. LISP is most well known as a programming language used by the LISP Machine. It was the language in which many early ideas about computer programming were implemented. Lisp (Lisp Machine Lisp) is a general-purpose programming language, originally invented as a formalism for describing functions in a form that was convenient for implementation on a computer.

Lisp Machine

An interpreter for the LISP programming language is not a computer; it is a piece of hardware or software that takes as input the LISP program and interprets it. LISP interpreters were formerly called “Lisp machines” because they were constructed of similar parts as the “Lisp machine”, a computer whose design was inspired by the symbolic logic of mathematical logic. The “Lisp machine” model is no longer in use, and the term “LISP interpreter” is now generally preferred. In addition, many LISP implementations have dropped the “machine” or “executive” part of their name, as they no longer resemble the underlying hardware architecture of the machine they are implementing.

LISP is a highly dynamic, dynamic, imperative, functional, high-level and usually interpreted language.

LISP was invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1950s as a machine-oriented extension of the LISP programming language. LISP (the programming language) has features that permit it to be compiled into conventional computer programming languages (Common Lisp is

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What’s New in the?

Save time with an improved 2D annotation tool and 2D contour and trajectory editing.

New commands to insert, align, join, or link geometries.

Improved B-spline curves and new curve creation tools.

New sketch, sketch layer, and sketch table commands.

Extend existing shapes into empty space.

Create shapes with special fill patterns.

Select multiple areas, reduce, and apply fill patterns to multiple objects.

Find, mark, and transfer linked components and groups.

Easily navigate and manage linked models using the Navigator, Navigator window, and Navigator toolbar.

Select linked components and objects to change their status.

Find components, or objects on your drawing, in separate files and link them to your drawing.

New arc and circle shape tools.

New parametric and freeform objects and groups.

New toolbox options.

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Artboard 8.2

Add any number of artboards to a drawing or group of drawings, then instantly access those artboards as individual canvases within the Autodesk® Autocad® Map Viewer, AutoCAD® Map, or the print previewer. Simply choose the Artboard command or choose an artboard from the list of artboards in the Map Viewer.

New artboards are automatically added when you create a new drawing.

Or, add artboards from a linked or embedded drawing or group.

Hide artboards. Hide a particular artboard, so that it can be accessed only from the Map Viewer, the Map, or the print previewer.

Extend artboards. Extend a particular artboard in the Map Viewer, the Map, or the print previewer, so it contains a larger area.

Resize artboards. Resize a particular artboard in the Map Viewer, the Map, or the print previewer.

Change artboards on the fly. Change the artboard, within the Map Viewer, the Map, or the print previewer.

Change artboard properties. Change the artboard’s name, background, and locked state.

Add references to existing artboards.

Add a group of artboards to an existing drawing

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
DirectX 11
Memory: 1GB of memory (not required for Mac version)
Processor: 1GHz or faster
Graphics: 1GB video card
Storage: 10GB available space
Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or later
DirectX 12
Memory: 3GB of memory (not required for Mac version)
Processor: 2.5GHz or faster
Graphics: 2GB video

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