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In 2014, the company released AutoCAD LT, an entry-level CAD software. It can be used to create 2D and 2.5D drawings, vector graphics, and 3D models.

With the new release of AutoCAD, users can save their design information as PDF files that can be viewed on mobile devices. “A new feature of AutoCAD 2019 is the ability to save your designs as a PDF file, which can then be viewed on an iPad, iPhone or Android device,” said Autodesk VP of product management, Mark Chignell. “You can print your AutoCAD drawing and also save the drawing in PDF format to store it in a folder on a mobile device. The best part is that you can open your PDF files on all mobile devices including the Apple Watch.”

With AutoCAD 2019, you can open, view, or print your CAD designs from a variety of mobile devices, including Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro, the Apple Watch, Google’s Android Wear, and HTC’s commercial smartwatch.

“This means if you want to share your drawings with your team, you don’t have to be at a desk using a laptop, or a tablet to access the information,” Chignell said. “You can get the same information on your Apple Watch or your Android Wear, on a mobile phone, or on a PC.”

The company said the new feature also allows you to print your CAD drawings as a PDF file to display on a monitor or other device. This includes the ability to open or preview the PDF file on the iPad Pro, iPhone 7, or iPhone SE.

Chignell noted that the company is working on a version of AutoCAD that runs on the Apple Watch. “We’re always looking at the Watch as a companion to your iPhone,” he said.

The CAD application is useful in a variety of different scenarios, including the following:

In the automotive industry, engineers and designers use AutoCAD to create 3D models of cars, tools, engines, and other components. 3D printing tools then allow you to make accurate prototypes of these parts.

AutoCAD is used by architectural, engineering, and design firms to create conceptual and detailed drawings, such as blueprint drawings and blueprints, and to create 3D models and 3D drawings.

The new mobile app will allow users to work on CAD drawings anywhere, on any device.


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N-Part Drawing
The N-Part Drawing or NPD is a file format for storing multi-part drawings. It was used with AutoCAD Crack Mac during the early days of the AutoCAD program, but has since been superseded by the more robust MultiPartDrawings.

In an NPD file, drawings are stored as a series of blocks, each containing a number of drawing parts. Each drawing part has a drawing definition, and the order of drawing parts in the file is determined by how the parts are listed in the drawing definition. The topmost drawing definition in the file is called the master, or parent, drawing, and the parts beneath it are called children. The drawings below the master are called sub-drawings. Parts have a name and a number. The name identifies the part, and the number identifies the order in which the part appears in the drawing.

The parts are stored in a tree-like structure. Each node in the tree has a name, and a number indicating the order of the part. Parts can be stored either horizontally, where the name identifies the part, or vertically, where the name identifies the number of the part. NPD files can contain drawings of different types, such as drawings stored in the DXF format, and drawings stored in the NPS format.

AutoCAD, in its early days, used the NPD format to store its early files. Since then, the format has been superseded by the newer multi-part drawings format.

The NPD format has several advantages over the multi-part drawings format. The drawings are stored in a data structure that is closely related to the drawing files, allowing the drawings to be edited and modified efficiently.

The NPD format has several advantages over the DXF format: it supports layers and is more efficient for editing and exporting, and it can represent both flat and vertical, or plan and elevation drawings.

The NPD format has been replaced by MultiPartDrawings in AutoCAD 2017, though the NPD format is still used to store older files.

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To activate Autocad download the autocad trial version from:

Download the Autocad Installer from

Select Autocad installer

Name and path of the “host folder” where you want the autocad to install

When you start Autocad, there is a “on map” button, when you click on it,
the buttons will appear over the map

*When you choose “on map” the windows will go off the screen.

This is normal. If you have a window like this, when you click on the
“on map” button,

the following instructions will tell you how to “restore” the window.

Click on the X on the top right corner of the window.

When you close the map window, you’ll notice that all the buttons

appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the X in the upper right corner to close the map window.

Then click on the Autocad main icon.

Press F9 in order to open the help dialog.

Use “On Map” button to open a new map.

You will notice that the on map window is now at the top of the screen.

When you close the map window, you’ll notice that all the buttons

appear at the bottom of the screen.

When you go to “On map” click on the X in the upper right corner.

Press F9 in order to open the help dialog.

Use “On Map” button to open a new map.

You will notice that the on map window is now at the top of the screen.

When you close the map window, you’ll notice that all the buttons

appear at the bottom of the screen.

*When you close the map window, you’ll notice that all the buttons

appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now that you are in the “On Map” mode, click on the “On Map”


From the menu, go

What’s New in the AutoCAD?


Select a block or outline with a dotted selection line, then instantly press “Draw” to create a complete block or outline. With Auto-feedback, you can create solid blocks (video: 2:08 min.) and full-detail outlines.


New Job functionality lets you design, analyze, and automate CAD jobs with the click of a button. Create jobs to apply a design intent to the drawings, capture a current state of a drawing, or replicate a current state of a drawing for review or testing. (video: 1:29 min.)

Jobs List:

See a list of active jobs along with their status, comments, and notes. You can also create a new job or modify an existing job to change its context, actions, or settings.


Print directly from a drawing, generating and sending PDFs directly from AutoCAD. (video: 1:40 min.)

Planar Drawings:

Share and annotate drawings easily. Create and open planar drawings to turn 2D plans into 3D models (video: 2:14 min.)

Dynamic Array:

Display variable arrays on the command line. When the mouse cursor passes a cell in a dynamic array, a value automatically updates and appears in the command line. New cells can be added to existing dynamic arrays.

Communication Center:

Start a conversation in the center of your screen. Get help when you need it. Send feedback to other AutoCAD users. (video: 1:51 min.)

Enhanced DPI:

Support drawing of up to 2,048 x 2,048 resolution drawings with a single license. AutoCAD displays rasterized files at their native resolution, so the whole file can be displayed on a single screen.

Multi-selection and Copy:

Select parts of a block and snap it to another part. Copy and paste drawing objects and text from one drawing to another.


Choose all or none of the selected objects in a drawing. Select multiple overlapping objects and move them at once. New in this release.

More Recent Files:

Go straight to the last drawings you worked on when you start a session.

Enhancements for mobile devices:

Access the full drawing functionality of AutoCAD from your mobile

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