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Providing support for the latest Windows Server editions, Ashampoo Backup Business Server provides users with a robust backup solution that can assist administrators in creating copies of their most important data for safe keeping.
The purpose of this edition is to migrate the functionality of Ashampoo Backup Business to server platforms. Just like the other editions, it can create both local and cloud backups, bringing to the table data compression and AES-256 encryption. Moreover, the integrity of the data is verified periodically.
If online backups are what the user prefers, Ashampoo Backup Business Server is compatible with multiple file sharing platforms, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MagentaCLOUD, and Strato HiDrive. Furthermore, the application can copy files to any WebDAV-enabled cloud service.
Aside from individual files and directories, Ashampoo Backup Business Server can also create incremental backups for drives, partitions, hard disks, or the entire system by generating a system image. The latter can be either an USB stick or a CD/DVD to host the rescue system.
The backup reports the application generates are saved locally (optionally, users can configure the application to sent them via email to their inbox). Remote monitoring of backup reports is possible, which comes in handy for a network comprising numerous workstations.
As shown above, Ashampoo Backup Business Server provides a simple means of creating backups for data on Windows Server systems, borrowing the utmost features of the other Ashampoo Backup editions.









Ashampoo Backup Business Server Free License Key [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

Offering the standard functionality of Ashampoo Backup Business and unlimited support for enterprise servers, Ashampoo Backup Business Server Free Download is a useful product for businesses looking to improve their data safety. It is capable of creating incremental backups of your data, and remote monitoring of those backups is also feasible.
Furthermore, it is possible to generate system images with a compatible CD/DVD or USB stick to remotely rescue a server, and it even integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MagentaCloud, and Strato HiDrive. The tool can be configured to email reports and automatically configure backups, but Ashampoo Backup Business Server also offers the capability to create backups manually or automatically through Windows scheduled tasks.
The software is compatible with Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 10. Furthermore, it includes free, effective and flexible recovery options, integrated file compression and encryption, and data integrity verification to ensure your data is always safe.

License: Free Trial

Price: $49.99

File size: 844 KB

Language: English

Download Ashampoo Backup Business Server

Ashampoo Backup Business Server Free Edition Free Download

Ashampoo Backup Business Server Free Edition is the most powerful, award-winning and secure backup and recovery tool for Windows. The application has been optimized for enterprises with a database server, taking care of the most important Windows server systems, including Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008R2, and Windows Server 2003. The product includes a clean and simple user interface, an extensive set of features, and powerful recovery options. In case you experience a crash of the backup application, the only data you’ll lose are the backup reports or error logs (no affected data). Plus, the data integrity is continuously checked to ensure that no data is compromised.

Ashampoo Backup Business Server Free Edition provides the following key features for your server:
ƒ Backup and restore a single or multiple files, a single or multiple directories, a complete system to image
ƒ Data integrity verification to ensure no data is lost during a backup or restoration process
ƒ Creation of a system image, a restore system image (bare metal restore) or a restore point
ƒ Support for local, NAS and remote file shares
ƒ Compatible with most popular online file sharing platforms
ƒ Automated data backup and remote monitoring of backup reports
ƒ Data compression and AES-256 encryption

Ashampoo Backup Business Server Crack

•No computer skills needed!- Ashampoo Backup Business Server is easy-to-use and should not require extensive training. It is for people with no or little experience in computer science who need a reliable backup solution for their data.
•Virtual servers and Office 365 integration – Backup Business Server can backup your data and back it up online to any file sharing service.
•User-friendly and intuitive- The setup of the application is very user-friendly and intuitive: Ashampoo Backup Manager gathers system settings and the databases in one single place and displays them in an easy-to-use interface.
•Fast- system-wide backups and flexible volume setup – Backup Business Server features fast and system-wide backups. It can back up data to local volumes, network shares, compressed files, a DVD, a USB stick or a CD/DVD. The result is that the backup process can be quick and efficient.
•Unique backup compression – The backup size can be significantly reduced by introducing built-in data compression. Data files are compressed individually and also during the backup, speeding up the backup process and saving backup space.
•Cloud support – Using the special Ashampoo Service Manager, you can easily sync Cloud Backup Online. Backup Business Server can either backup a CD/DVD to a CD/DVD disk or a USB stick to a cloud-enabled drive.
•Centralized configuration and reporting – All of the configuration options for settings and data are available in one place, making it possible to have a centralized configuration system. The backup report is very detailed, supplying all of the information that’s needed to administer your backups.
•Multiple languages – Backup Business Server supports 31 languages with 8 interface languages. Besides that, the software provides extensive support for other languages and can be set to automatically install an appropriate language pack during installation.
•Convenient deployment – Backup Business Server can be deployed on a server to host a rescue system for administrators. The restoration and the monitoring of the system can be done from a web browser. Alternatively, the server can be configured to send the backup reports via email, Dropbox, or any other form of online file sharing.
•Safe and secure – Backup Business Server is able to create and restore bootable system images, which can be burned to CD/DVD or used as a rescue system. Users can select between auto and manual system image building. In case something goes wrong, the image can be restored.
•Virus- and malware-free- Backup Business Server is free from the most

Ashampoo Backup Business Server Crack + Free Download

* Create and manage the network’s data backup infrastructure
* Organize backups either on individual drives or system images
* Import media and device drivers for cloning backup images
* Restore individual files and restore the entire system
* Provide automatic repair of files
* Generate reports of backup activities
* Print reports of backup activities
* Send reports of backup activities to e-mail
* Create and monitor backup reports remotely
* Support for a large number of file sharing platforms
* Support for a large number of backup destinations
* AES-256 encryption
* Backup to clouds
* Restore system from image
* Monitoring of all back-ups
* Driver and media auto-detection
* File system auto-detection
* Support for USB and CD/DVD based system images
* FTP and HTTP server
* Local and cloud-based backup
* Easy management
* Automated backup scheduler
* UI built with jQuery
* HTML5, CSS and Javascript engine
* Online/offline backup and management
* Multi-user access with groups
* Copy to clipboard
* Customizable look and feel
* Change log of up-to-date features
* Support for multiple languages

Online backup software can take over your backup operations. They are great when you want to safely keep copies of your files without putting them in danger. Even if you have an automated backup strategy in place, an online backup software can help you in case your server fails. The backup software works by making a copy of your computer’s most important data while it is working and stores the backups in the cloud. Thus, after a server crash, you can easily restore your data by downloading a copy of your files from the cloud.
OneDrive for Business offers a free 30-day trial with unlimited online space. After the trial, you can choose to pay $5/user/month for 1TB online storage space or $2/user/month for 2TB online space (or higher).
With the online backup, you can sync data between your Mac, PC, and iPad with iOS devices. Data syncs from one device to another, to a Dropbox folder or to the online Backup folder. In addition, you can backup data to a file share, FTP server, or even one of the online backup cloud services. You can control your data backups with a restore point, a time-based schedule or an automatic backup.
With online backup software, you can keep copies of your most important files in the

What’s New In Ashampoo Backup Business Server?

Version: 4.80
Special Features:
• Compatible with and automatically detects the latest Windows Server editions, including Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64 versions)
• Two-way data protection and backup of active clients and virtual machines
• Ability to backup a system image to any WebDAV-enabled cloud service
• Backup of individual or collective files to any WebDAV-enabled cloud service
• Receiving and displaying online backup reports via email
• Configurable command-line options and support of local command-line options
• Manages partitions and drives to backup
• Full security when setting up user accounts and authentication
• Multiple languages and automated language detection
• Various reporting options
• SSD drive optimization
• Visual Studio integration support
• 32-bit or 64-bit system detection
• Supports disk encryption
Note: Ashampoo Backup Business Server is not an Ashampoo Software Product

Ashampoo Backup Business Server is an effective Backup application that allows local and online backup of your data to your website with ease. This application is really easy to use and with amazing features. When you want to backup files from your PC to your website, this Ashampoo Backup Business Server is going to the rescue. So, in a matter of minutes, you can have your backups online. Ashampoo Backup Business Server has got everything that you want, an easy to use interface, powerful file backups, and excellent backups. This is the best available software in the market today.

Ashampoo Backup Business Server is a powerful application that is well equipped and comes with many features. It is a complete backup application which has all the features that you need to backup files. It is a great file recovery program as it comes with multiple backup options. You can choose the options like the location of the backup, the type of backup, and the frequency of the backup. It is capable of generating backup reports which can be viewed in a clear manner. The user can easily find all the backup reports that are generated by the program. It is also capable of locating the deleted or the corrupted files in a file system. You can also create a system image backup for various operating system like Windows, Linux or Unix in a specified location.

Ashampoo Backup Business Server is a powerful application which has many features. It is a complete backup application which has all the features that you need to backup files. It is

System Requirements For Ashampoo Backup Business Server:

Designed to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit), or macOS 10.9 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz or equivalent; 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 4 or Radeon HD 2600 or equivalent; 32-bit OpenGL 4.0
Storage: 40 GB of free space
Internet: Broadband Internet connection

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