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Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Keygen For PC (2022)

Wincopy Screen Capture is a simple yet powerful Windows screen capture utility.
Capture any area of the screen or the entire screen. You can use the built-in and advanced mouse and keyboard controls to screen capture any area of the screen and can use the powerful editing tools to refine and edit it. Add text labels and images to the captured area.
An irregular shape can be captured with a freehand tracing of any object in the screen. Plus, the active window can be captured with simple commands.
Save the captured area in several graphics formats (BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG). Print and email the captured image.
It also includes a practical screen magnifier.
“Wincopy Screen Capture 2006” is a freeware program that was created by Intel Corporation.
Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 is a powerful Screen Capturing tool. It is an easy-to-use, fast screen capture software that provides most of the features of SnagIt for free. Almost any area of the screen can be captured and edited or saved to any image format. The user interface of Wincopy is a lot simpler than Snagit and more flexible.
Wincopy has an intuitive interface, an easy-to-use drag and drop method for adding text and drawing lines.
“Wincopy Screen Capture” can be used on almost any Windows platform, using Microsoft.NET Framework 1.2 or higher.
Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Features:
■ Using the Windows Screen Capture API you can capture any area of the screen or capture the entire screen and save as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF image formats.
■ The program includes an attractive and easy-to-use user interface, supports docking windows.
■ Intuitive interface, drag and drop method for adding text and drawing lines.
■ Any area of the screen can be captured and edited or saved to any image format.
■ It also includes a practical screen magnifier.
■ Support for popular Windows platforms, Microsoft.NET Framework 1.2 or higher.
Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 User Interface and Features:
■ The user interface is very attractive and easy-to-use.
■ Intuitive and intuitive drag and drop method for adding text and drawing lines.
■ Any area of the screen can be captured and edited or saved to any image format.
■ It also

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The shape of the cursor matters!
We all know that the mouse pointer is often invisible; the target object may not be visible, and yet the cursor may move in a mysterious way, close to that object. Can we do something about it? WinPaint gives some partial answers to this question.
First, you can choose to display the cursor as a thick black line if it is close to the target object, or as an empty black circle if it is not.
Secondly, you can choose to increase or decrease the area that is attracted by the cursor, which is exactly what a mouse-over effect means.
You can also choose to highlight the areas of the target object that are attracted by the cursor.
Highlight is done with color, and can be a monochromatic color, or a color index. You can choose a color from the color palette, or can define your own color (by using the color index), or can use a reference window for the color, or use a different system color (for example, a system-defined button background color).
You can also use a nice set of colors that are not defined in your own color palette, and these colors are kept track of in a color palette file that is not affected by WinPaint. You can save a snapshot of the color palette, and load it later for use with a specific image. The colors can also be shared between multiple users with an Open Sharing policy.
There are also a few other key features available in WinPaint.
All of the available features can be enabled or disabled independently. The most useful features are highlighted on the mouse-over help screen. (Tool tip on the screen, or the help screen that is located in the right-click menu.)
The help screen also displays the mouse-over effect under a ‘Pointer Setting’ tool. (The effect also appears in the drop down of the Toolbox. The setting controls the area of the mouse-over effect and its intensity.)
The help screen also provides a window where a full description of any of the features or settings can be read. The help screen can be disabled (removed) by selecting the off menu or the
Help key on the keyboard.
Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Tutorials:
Tips and tricks:
A) To produce a screen capture using the mouse, first, press the Space Bar to activate the screen capture tool. Then, hold the left mouse button down at the location you wish to capture,

Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Latest

1. Create a rectangular selection area with the mouse. Highlighted areas are clippped.
2. Draw a point anywhere with the mouse and a rectangle with that point will be automatically placed.
3. Select a region with the mouse.
4. Set the size of the rectangle with the mouse.
5. Enter the name and descripition of the capture.
6. Write a name and description of the capture.
7. Use any type of mime data in the clipboard, both text and images.
8. E-mail the capture either from the ‘Send’ menu or from the context menu.
Wincopy Screen Capture 2006 Screenshots:
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What’s New in the?

Wincopy Screen Capture 2006, is an easy to use screen capture software. Wincopy is perfect for capturing full screen, window & active area. Wincopy Screen Capture can save to BMP and TIFF files. And It offers high quality print and email the captured image.
Is the software secure?
Our software is 100% secure and are pretty easy to install. Please download and check the manual or contact our support to install Wincopy 2006.
If you are interested, please take a moment to review Wincopy Screen Capture 2006.

Users software reviewsWinCopia 2006.exe
Excellent software! Download it and use it to manage your desktop with ease. It also has an amazing collection of versatile and very useful wizards for things like printing documents, backing up files and configuring printers.

Comments and ratings for WinCopia 2006

(5 stars)Alfons EngströmThursday, November 03, 2007

The right VCL components, plus the.NET framework, are necessary for WinCopia’s functions.

I was searching for a new, user-friendly screen capturing tool after trying the regular Ctrl+Alt+Del. My choice was WinCopia 2006, because it has a slick user interface, a wonderful collection of innovative features, and a truly exceptional collection of helpers for common office tasks like printing, backing up, even setting up printers.

WinCopia’s core functions — screen capture, scaling, cropping, highlighting, printing — work like a dream. The program is straightforward to use and has a clever little built-in magnifier with an option to show content in color. This option is great for viewing text or delicate graphics. As an extra bonus, WinCopia’s self-extracting archive is easy to use.

WinCopia uses the most basic of components to create a software package that’s genuinely modern. The XCopy DLL that houses the program’s basic functionality is a common build of the DLL that’s found in Windows applications. WinCopia also uses the.NET framework, VCL, and MFC to perform its functions. All of these components have been thoroughly updated for the.NET framework.

Helpful Options:

The program has lots of easy-to-understand options. The most important for my purposes are the “Scale and Crop” section and the “Print” section. Two special wizards, “Color” and “Tabs,” let you easily configure their functions.

System Requirements For Wincopy Screen Capture 2006:

· Windows XP or later
· Intel Pentium II-III, AMD K-6, or Athlon processor
· 128MB of RAM
· DirectX®9, OpenGL® 1.2, or higher
· Hard drive space 2GB
· Keyboard
· Monitor
· Sound Card
· Internet Connection
Read the complete rules here:
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