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Since modern mobile phones are fitted with powerful cameras, images quickly became an important resource in many domains of activity. Chances are you want to keep a close-record of your best shots to quickly find them. As such, Snapact comes with a set of features to create an organized collection, and even edit items of interest.
Locate pictures through the scanner or navigation bar
The application comes with a custom-made interface which not only blends with most workspace environments, but also makes accommodation a walk in the park. This is mostly accomplished by the useful hints and descriptions found along the way, including the initial scanner which attempts to locate all pictures for you.
You don’t necessarily have to wait for the scan operation to finish. Canceling it brings you to the main window anyway, letting you manually browse through folders. A side navigation panel makes this task easy, while most of the space is used to provide large thumbnail preview of items in the selected directory.
Edit pictures through an external or built-in tool
There’s the possibility to organize your pictures in albums to easily access them at any given moment. A mini-basket is also there to serve as a place to temporarily store pictures of interest, which you add through a drag and drop operation, letting you decide how to handle them later on.
On the bright side of things, the application comes with its own editor. It doesn’t include a great variety of options, but it does contains some basic filters, as well as color adjustment and crop tools. More than that, you can batch-process pictures based on preset variables. On the other hand, you can have items edited in a custom app, to which you can create a quick launch shortcut in the upper toolbar.
A few last words
To sum it up, Snapact is a nifty tool which can help you locate your pictures and organize them in albums. A built-in editor makes it possible to fine-tune any image, while the visual design, although presenting a custom layout, makes things easy even for inexperienced individuals.







Snapact Crack+ Product Key Full For PC [Updated-2022]

The best of
Snapact Crack For Windows is a professional photo management tool. It allows you to view, edit, organize, and share pictures.
View photos
Snapact allows you to view your pictures from local or network drives. It also allows you to view your pictures through custom editors. You can also view picture in their original format.
Edit pictures
You can edit your pictures in a large variety of ways through the built-in editor. You can use a few editing tools to adjust picture parameters. You can also apply a set of filters to your pictures. You can also modify the picture quality by removing picture noise or reducing image resolution.
Organize pictures
You can easily organize your pictures into albums. You can also create a custom folder to hold your pictures. You can arrange pictures in a custom folder in a variety of ways.
Share pictures
You can share your pictures over multiple social media or email. You can also embed your pictures in other websites.
User interface
Snapact provides a clean interface. It has a friendly interface. It allows you to save your favorite folders and picture as you go. It also allows you to search for pictures using search box. Snapact comes with built-in editors that allows you to view pictures in the original format. You can also share pictures via email or social media.
What’s new in this version:
[1.1.1] – Fixed bug that causes folders to be lost after image export
Ratings and Reviews
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Snapact Product Key Full

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Snapact Download

Snapact is an application made for the iPhone that allows you to quickly and efficiently find, organize and edit the pictures of the phone’s hard drive, and even upload them to social networks. The app is aimed at everyday use and comes with a streamlined and efficient interface to fit all types of user requirements.
• Scanning photos, videos and other files
• Displaying their location
• Assembling them in albums
• Adding them to a basket
• Creating a library of pictures
• Creating a custom tool with a small touch of ingenuity
• Selecting a location to upload to your online account
• Photo editing through the built-in tool
• Image resizing, crop and other basic editing functions
• Batch processing through filters
• Up to 20 workspaces
• Color adjustment tools
• Sharing pictures via email, Facebook and other social networks

Snapact has been designed to allow you to edit your images in the best possible way. This is why it has been conceived with the following goals:
– Making the browsing process of the images a walk in the park.
– Providing a simple and easy way to view your photos, in order to ensure their best viewing quality.
– To reduce the waiting time for the editing process.

Snapact is the first iPhone application that allows you to view, organize, edit, and upload the pictures of your iPhone.

You can:
• Browse all pictures of your phone in a special folder, create one or multiple albums with multiple layouts.
• Sort, sort-delete, group and change the size of the pictures with the built-in tool.
• Add photos and videos to a basket.
• Edit the pictures and videos, and add them to the basket.
• Upload pictures to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

The application comes with the following features:
– Scanning: the application allows you to scan all pictures of your phone, to put them into albums of your choice.
– Organize: create albums and group pictures of your choice.
– Edit: use the built-in tool to edit photos and videos.
– Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks integration.
– Photo sharing: you can share the photos and videos of your phone to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.

Snapact comes with the following images:
• A great time-saving feature.
• The possibility to view all pictures of your

What’s New In?

Snapacct is the perfect companion for iPhone and iPad users who want to automatically backup all their photos and videos to a secure, local folder.

Transfer files and folders between all your devices

Download App

What’s New

We’ve redesigned the Snapacct app, and made some important changes and improvements!
– A new user experience, so you can login using your Google account (yep, this means you can use Snapacct on all your Google devices, including Android)
– We’ve also redesigned the app with a Material Design theme, so it looks more clean and modern
– New features:
– Multi-device synchronization
– Local photo/video editor
– Favorites, to-do list, and file history
– Re-designed settings
– Improved notifications
– We’ve made some improvements to the app
– And some bug fixes

Best Places


Snapacct is the perfect companion for iPhone and iPad users who want to automatically backup all their photos and videos to a secure, local folder.

With a single app, Snapacct seamlessly downloads, transfers, stores, and organizes all your local photos and videos for each of your devices. Backups are automatically processed when the device is connected to the Internet, which is done without user interaction. This means you don’t need to find the time to back up your photos and videos. All you need to do is use Snapacct and the job is done for you!

Backups are stored in a secure folder on your device and your Google account. You can also add photos to photo albums on Google Photos. All your local and Google photos can be transferred between all your devices and combined into one single folder on your iPhone or iPad.

Why Snapacct?

– Sync all your Google Photos, including your Google Drive
– Single app for managing all your photos and videos
– Backup is done automatically when you’re connected to the Internet
– Store up to 20GB of photos and videos
– Automatically organize photos on Google Photos
– View an unlimited number of photos on each device at the same time
– More than 100 popular file types supported
– The best security and privacy

How it Works

– Whenever you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, Snapacct transfers all your Google Photos and videos.
– Use the Scanner to quickly scan all your pictures and videos to locate them automatically.
– Add photos to photo albums in the app.
– Use the File Browser to manage files on your device or in Google Photos.
– The File Browser includes a folder history to easily browse all your recent files.
– You can now edit all the photos in your albums using the built-in photo editor.
– You

System Requirements For Snapact:

-Supported OS: Windows 7 or higher.
-GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, Radeon HD 7950, or AMD Radeon HD 7970.
-CPU: Intel i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 945 or above.
-RAM: 8GB or above.
-OS: Windows 7 or higher.-Supported OS: Windows 7 or higher.-CPU: Intel i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 945 or above.-RAM: 8GB or above.
-GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680

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