Kisikisisoalfiqihmakelasxsemester118 [PORTABLE]

Kisikisisoalfiqihmakelasxsemester118 [PORTABLE]



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Q: What is the best kind of racing game for a 14 year old (with at times low-calorie diet, and no racing license) Possible Duplicate: Do you recommend any action video games for girls? I would like to buy my 14 year old son a racing game, in the same way we play games together. So far we have played racing games like Need for Speed, Gran Trak 10 and Lucasarts’ Star Wars arcade game. I think the latter is rather old (for my son’s age) and I think that he would prefer something more modern. There are a couple of racing games that I have not mentioned, but these do not seem to have the detail of the racing from the ones listed above (and are therefore not for my son). So I have been considering Splinter Cell. But is Splinter Cell really suitable for my son, or are there any other racing games that I should consider? A: If you’re not sure if your son is affected by motion sickness and if the game is actually going to be suitable for him, get him to see a doctor or specialist who can advise you. Also, it may make things easier (and it will make it more fun) to play racing games together. If you play with him on the same device, he will get used to the controls. For example, where as Gran Trak may take a bit of getting used to, you can train him to play by you guiding him. Splinter Cell is actually more suitable for your son than you may think. While it’s designed for the younger set, the motion sickness and racing genre are well established, but they don’t necessarily have the same “polarizing” effect as some others (such as Far Cry). As an example, Splinter Cell is often used to teach people with motion sickness or vertigo how to ride a motorcycle. By practicing this, you and your son can become more comfortable with each other and that. Q: Getting the dates from xpath 1.0 I have following html 10/7/2009 10/8/2009 10/9/2009 d0c515b9f4

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